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3 Tips to Prevent Major Devastation from Losing Your Wallet

3 Tips to Prevent Major Devastation from Losing Your Wallet

| March 01, 2021
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Do you remember the last time you caused yourself a huge panic when you lost your wallet?

That feeling instantly subsided after you found it, right?

What could you have done to prevent losing your wallet in the first place? Are there steps you should take to protect your information in the event you were to lose your wallet again?

Losing your wallet is common. We’ve all likely had it happen at least once. But don’t worry.

Here are some tips we recommend you try beforehand in case you end up losing your wallet.

Don’t Pack Your Wallet with Information

There is information that is not necessary to carry with you all the time. For example, you don’t need to carry your social security card in your wallet daily unless you’re going somewhere where you will need it.

You should pack light and only carry cards you will need.

Instead of having all your credit cards and debit cards in your wallet, only bring the one you will use with you. This way, instead of losing all your banking and credit cards, you will only be missing one if your wallet were to become lost. You don’t want someone to end up having access to every single card you own.

Also, for the same reason, avoid carrying other information in your wallet such as the following:

• Birth certificates (only have this on you if you’re going somewhere where you will need this information)

• Passports

• Anything with policy numbers, addresses (shy of your driver’s license), and private information

• Receipts (your partial debit or credit card number are on receipts)

• Checkbook

• Passwords to accounts of various sorts

Moral of the story, don’t keep anything in your wallet that you wouldn’t want to end up in the wrong hands.

Create a Designated Wallet Spot

You need a wallet routine.

Make it a habit to put your wallet in the same place all the time. Do this until it becomes a habit you can’t possibly forget.

Your wallet should be kept and put away in the same spot, so you avoid the chance of losing it.

The best way to not lose your wallet is by actively keeping up with it. Don’t casually lay it down either.

Wallets can fall out of pockets. We don’t recommend you use a pocket to carry your wallet unless it has a zipper or it’s deep enough for your wallet not to fall out. If you use a purse, designate a spot in your purse specifically for your wallet.

Make Sure You Have Your Information if It Gets Lost

How can you provide your information if you don’t have your information because it’s lost?

This is our point exactly.

If you carry all your important information and your wallet gets lost, you would lose that information if you had original copies.

You would then need to get new copies of everything. You’ll have to report your cards as stolen etc.

Try not to carry originals of important documents in your wallet. Leave them at home, so you can reference them later if needed.

We also recommend you take a picture of your driver’s license and store it somewhere safe in your home.

Unfortunately, you will need to know your driver’s license number in order to get a new license online. If you lose your license and happen to not know your driver’s license number, it will be difficult for you to get a new license via online with the Secretary of State as this information is required.

We hope these tips help you keep your information safe in the event you were to lose your wallet, so you can lessen the financial devastation a lost wallet could cause.

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