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Plan Your Financial Future After A Divorce

Plan Your Financial Future After A Divorce

| July 19, 2021
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There are many unforgettable moments throughout our lives. Getting married, the birth of a child and watching the kids leave the nest are wonderful pleasant memories. But, there are other devastating times, like a death in the family or getting divorced.

If you are considering divorced or just recently divorced, you need to control your financial future. The Financial Center for Women is to help you do that before, during or after a divorce. 

Planning a Divorce?

If you are in the initial stages of separation; and have begun to meet with a divorce lawyer or are researching how to file for a divorce, it is time to gather information. Information is power

The more information you gather about dollar amounts and locations of all your assets, the more power you have in divorce proceedings. One of the easiest ways to gather this info is by looking at tax forms. The more data you have, the easier it will be to receive a beneficial judgment. 

Do not wait to start this process. The longer you wait, the more your disadvantages increase. Act now. Our divorce checklist is a tool to make sure you are covering all of your bases

During a Divorce

After you have already filed divorce papers and found a divorce lawyer, your expectations for divisions and judgment become clearer. During this stage of the divorce, you begin to develop a more solid understanding of what type of lifestyle and financial support you can expect. 

It is vital to understand that all estate rulings and decisions are permanent. Thorough planning is essential to get what you want and prevent any mistakes from occurring during the estate division. Expect to answer questions about keeping the house, paying taxes, needing to work for a living and anticipating health insurance costs and care. If you are struggling with answers to these questions, our team of professionals helps you find the solutions. 

After a Divorce

Now is your opportunity to take advantage of the positive aspects of this terrible situation. Post-divorce is the perfect time to satisfy your wants and needs. Take this time to reflect on the preceding events, but also relish in your newfound freedom.

Plan what vision of the future and what sort of financial positions and resources you will need to make it a reality. Look to protect your new holdings with a custom financial plan we help you design. 

Our Services

The Financial Center for Women brings you financial counseling if you are divorcing or you find yourself suddenly single. We offer retirement income planningsingle income financial guidance and advice on business ownership

Reach out today to start planning the future you deserve

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