Danielle Workman

Private Wealth Advisor

Danielle is a private wealth advisor focused on individualized planning for women and families. As a widow, Danielle understands the need for financial planning after a death or divorce and has a passion for helping women over come the financial challenges those situations present.

Danielle is dedicated to helping her clients achieve a successful retirement: specializing in retirement income strategies and distribution planning, preservation of capital, protection against outliving resources and providing lifetime income. 

Danielle understands that we all have an emotional relationship with money that often is not rational. By uncovering our reactions to financial fears, our innate biases in decision-making, and our lived experiences, she helps her clients avoid costly decisions driven by emotions rather than facts.

Danielle works to walk clients back off the ledge when they are tempted to make a rash financial decision that is not in their long-term best interest. 

Danielle lives in Berkley and has three children. Danielle is very active in her church. She is a troop leader for her daughter’s Brownie Troop. She enjoys cycling and serves on the board for the German Professional Women’s Association.


Phone 734-738-6300