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The 6 Phases of Retirement You Need to Prepare for

The 6 Phases of Retirement You Need to Prepare for  


Did you know there are at least six stages you’ll go through for retirement?  

As you prepare to navigate life as a retiree, take note of these phases that you can expect yourself to go through. 

Phase 1: Pre-Retirement 

The pre-retirement phase traveling, spending time with family, taking on a new hobby, or simply giving yourself time to just rest and unwind from all the years of working.  

Phase 3: The Honeymoon  

There’s a honeymoon phase for retirement too. You’ll feel the excitement and joy of not having to wake up and go to work each morning.  

You may find yourself enjoying the freedom of being able to sleep in, rest, travel, and plan when for your retirement. You should have an idea of things you want to do ahead of time but leave room for activities you didn’t think about at first. 

You should also make sure you have discussed a financial plan with your advisor to make sure you can financially support yourself through retirement. Waiting all those years to retire to end up not having enough money to stay retired can further disappoint you.  

Retirement is supposed to be the very thing we all look the retirement life again.  

Once you develop a routine and revisit your retirement plan, it’s time to put it in action.  

Phase 6: The Retired Life 

This is the phase where you begin to truly live out the retirement life.  

By this time, retirement is a no-brainer and you’re even enjoying it now more than ever.  

You should know what your plans are and how you’ll carry them out. You should also have a general idea of the things you want to do for the remainder of your retirement.  

You may not have it all figured out, but you have a plan that you’re working towards each day.  

If you’re looking for help financially planning your retirement, be sure to reach out to us! We’d be glad to help you as you prepare to navigate these different phases of retirement.