Retirement Income Planning

You know how important it is to plan for your retirement, but where do you begin?   Many of our clients who have retired or are nearing retirement have asked themselves that very same question.

Where do we begin?

The first question we ask, is often the most difficult but most important to answer - “Do you have enough to avoid outliving your savings?”  To answer it, we work with you to determine… what your retirement looks like, how much you spend, how to handle the rising cost of healthcare and how long you might live.

Second, we help you to determine “When you should start taking Social Security” Too many people assume this is a simple decision, and they take their benefits early – a choice that could result in missed benefits. 

The third thing we need to figure out is “What rate of return will you need to earn on your savings and investments.”  It is crucial to avoid major losses in the early years of retirement. We use a bucket strategy to provide reliable income for the first 10 years, but also has a portion of your savings invested to keep pace with inflation. Check out the video on our investment philosophy.

Next, we determine “How to manage taxes.” Who wants to pay more taxes than they need to?  Nobody.  

Finally, we run multiple “what if” scenarios to determine “Do you REALLY have enough to protect you against potential major catastrophic life events?”


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